Welcome to Sunny Rock Self Catering Homes

Sunny Rock Self Catering Holiday Homes is situated in the heart of Langebaan, where you will be surrounded by breath taking sea & mountain views.

The Langebaan lagoon is only a 5 minute walk, where you will find entertainment, restaurants, pubs & all sort of activities for all age groups.

Sunny Rock Self Catering Holiday Homes is situated right next to the popular tourist destination Club Mykonos and Mykonos Casino can also be found in Langebaan with loads of entertainment for adults. The casino also boasts a luxurious buffet where the whole family can indulge in traditional South African cooking.

Langebaan city centre is only a 5 minute drive, in this small community city centre you will find all sorts of things such as shops, fuel stations, food and internet cafe's.

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Posted by Jane Doe on September 25, 2006

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